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Biryani Dishes >> Biryani dishes are very popular with those who enjoy Indian specialities, cooked with the finest basamati rice and aromatic herbs, served with a complementary mixed vegetable curry.
Chicken Biryani
+ Add (£13.95)
Lamb Biryani
+ Add (£13.95)
Prawn Biryani
+ Add (£13.95)
Chicken Tikka Biryani
+ Add (£14.95)
Lamb Tikka Biryani
+ Add (£14.95)
Tand Chicken Biryani
+ Add (£14.95)
K Prawn Biryani
+ Add (£17.95)
Veg Biryani
+ Add (£9.95)
Bengal Special Biryani
Chicken, lamb and prawns cooked with dry herbs and spices, garnished with tomatoes and an omelette.
+ Add (£16.95)
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